Southampton is a real hub for musicians covering every genre, we are working to promote and support the world of local music in many aspects. From developing an instrument hire/borrow library to organising live public events for musicians to take to the stages of Southampton and showcase the huge amount of talent our city has.

Southampton Chamber of Arts have been working closely with dozens of local musicians who will all perform free of charge at our Heart of Heritage event in September, all giving back to the community with happy hearts. We encourage artists to participate and celebrate our rich cultural heritage of music and are committed to providing events, where we as a city can showcase what Southampton hides from the world.

Raising the profile of the city using the arts, will encourage people from outside of the city to come to Southampton, to experience our vibrant arts and multi talented people, promoting business and tourism as well as promoting community cohesion.

Chris Lappage is our ‘Music’ man, he is a talented musician with many links to the existing music scene. He is lead guitarist and singer songwriter for 71 Chain and leads on the music aspect of Southampton Chamber of Arts events.

To contact Chris or to get involved in our work, email here

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