About The Chamber of Arts

The creation of the broadest possible platform of creativity within the city and surrounding area. So as to include the visual arts, music, literature, performance and craft work.  To provide its members with the mechanism for collaboration and a common voice in the pursuit of our evolving core objectives

To increase citywide the awareness and willingness, of people, to engage with all mediums of arts culture.  To develop future ongoing awareness by encouraging the young to become involved in the creative process.  To achieve permanent space at affordable prices for art production, display and performance.

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Our intent is to further develop a viable, self-reliant and sustainable structure of collaboration.  Collectively adopting the corporate mechanism but, as creatives, not the philosophy.  All revenue generated by the Chamber will be invested in our evolving objectives and will allow us to exist outside of the usual funding regime.  All creatives, no matter what level of skill, are very welcome to join and take advantage of what a growing, friendly, collaborative group can achieve.  We are reaching out to local commerce, industry and educational institutions to become partners with us in achieving our goals.

The Founding Members of Southampton Chamber of Arts.

This website is envisaged as a platform of communication and a tool to assist every member to promote and share their skills and experiences with each other and the wider community. Collectively as The Chamber we can develop this virtual space into both a fun forum and an open resource for the people of this city. The Shop, for full members to sell their work online, is imminent (days not weeks).  This site will always be a work in progress as it evolves to meet the needs of the growing membership.  Please address any ideas or issues to the, ‘Our Website’ section in the Forums.

Sell Your Work Online

As a Full Member of The Chamber you will have the chance to sell your work in our online shop.  Southampton Chamber of Arts Shop

If you offer services which would be of benefit to artists as a Full Member you can also offer these services. Please apply here (contact us button)

All applications to sell or offer services on The Chamber website are subject to Terms & Conditions

Become a Member

To take advantage of the benefits The Chamber can offer become a member today.  To join and view the forums is free!  To take advantage of the shop and wider advantages Full Membership is only £12.00 a year!  The list of what The Chamber can offer is growing and will develop as we expand.  You can apply to take part in our Festivals, Galleries, Music events and sell your work online.  Get to meet other like minded individuals through social events and build friendships and collaborate with others through The Chamber.  Collectively we can create and implement strategies to benefit both the membership and the community so come on board and bring your ideas with you!!!


Once you are registered as a Free Member you can upgrade to Full Membership by following the link on the top menu bar.

We are a registered fully inclusive non-profit organisation so every member’s fee or donation goes straight back into The Chamber.  The commission paid on sales through the Shop (a flat 20%) again goes directly back into the Chamber to promote and support the goals of the membership and the development of Art Culture citywide.  We can purchase equipment we can all utilise and the training and experience we can offer the community can also be financed from this.

Art in the Community

dukes keep2

We have acquired space at Dukes Keep in Southampton for Full Members of the group to apply and take advantage of.  We are looking to help members by seeking out other premises whether permanent or temporary for gallery space, shows or rehearsal venues.



Ultimately our aim is to achieve permanent tenure of space across the city for the Membership to utilise and engage with the community.  We are working to develop relationships between The Chamber and other groups including educational institutions to encourage the arts in whatever way we can.  We all have opinions as to how this can be achieved and as strategies emerge and are supported they will be implemented!  Hit That Forum!!!  (See Work Spaces page for further information)